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NAME Youri Zoon
BORN The Netherlands
D.O.B. 19 December 1989
SPORT Kitesurfing

Youri Zoon grew up in the South West of The Netherlands and has been an extreme sports addict from a young age. BMX, Windsurfing, Motocross you name it, Youri has not just done it but pushed it to the absolute limit. At age 13, Youri decided to focus exclusively on kiteboarding by joining the VKWC (formerly known as PKRA).

Being one of the most powerful riders on the circuit can bring its misfortunes. In 2007 and 2008 Youri was seriously injured when he ripped his ACL twice and had to stop kiting for those seasons. He made his come back in 2009. More motivated than ever he became PKRA Vice World Champion for his first year back on the championship, putting a stop to any doubt on his level. Youri was awarded the World Title in 2011 and 2012.

Just go for it!

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Get to know Youri

I’m stuborn, happy, a bit loose. But as soon as I want something it will happen! I will go anywhere and do anything to make it happen. It got me where I am today!

Q. Where is your favourite Kitesurfing location?

A. Brazil, ride your board-shorts every single day.

Q. What is your favourite trick?

A. Backside 360̊ – check out my lead up here.

Q. What is your favourite form of Kitesurfing?

A. Freestyle.

Q. What moment in your life stands out the most?

A. The moments I realise that I am doing what I love to do!

Q. What has been your biggest challenge in your career?

A. Coming back from several injuries, but so far every time I have managed to come back even stronger each time.

Q. What was your worst Injury and how you came back from it?

A. 2013 I dislocated my Shoulder during a Competition. Harsh year for me since I was in the run for the world title. But I always kept my motivation and now I’m back stronger than before.

Q. Favourite LifeProof Product?

A. The LifeProof FRE for iPhone 6s, finally my iPhone lasts longer than 6 months! haha 🙂

Q. What is your favourite food?

A. Big Juicy steak! Day and night!

2016 2nd El Gouna as part of the World Championships
2012 World Champion
2011 World Champion
2005 Dutch Champion
2004 European Champion
3 Time Champion of the Tarifa Kite Masters